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Tax Information

General Information

Cities! Everyone wants one. They're so cool! Showing off your builds, getting people to come in, buy land etc, and most of all taxes! It's like having a party, selling stuff on the side, and getting praised all at the same time!

Cities are relatively simple, and they can be quite profitable as well! Maintaining a city requires little to no effort, and there are no maintenance costs whatsoever. The only people who can make cities are the ones in the nobility ranks (Baron, Duke, Prince, King, Emperor). Cities are made from claimed wild plots.

For additional information on how to make your first city, please follow this link! "How to make my city!"

Special Note: Taxes come directly from the server, and does not affect any of the players living in or around cities. Taxes can be considered income directly from the server, with no negative aspects to any player.

First, let's note down what all cities have by default.

  1. All cities can sell land.
  2. All cities have upgrades that can be purchased.
  3. All cities naturally gain 100 Fens every month as their base income.
  4. All cities can get a Nether portal.
  5. All cities can get a Warp point, or several.
  6. All cities can get a Jail.

How to Start a city:

To start a city, you must have the following requirements.

  1. A minimum of 2,500 wild tiles, connected in a maximum of 5 plots.
  2. If it is a co-owned city, one player must have a minimum rank of Baron.
  3. A Town Hall must be built.
  4. The starting regions of the city must not be within the borders of any other city.

General Buildings:

Cities can have different buildings for multiple reasons. Some may be functional in nature, some may simply be designed to provide extra taxes to the city. We will divide these buildings into their two respective categories, functional, and tax related.


Tax Related: