In Fenix, knowing how to earn money, and earning it efficiently is the mark of every successful player. Getting a city, or even your first plot is not easy, and if you expect to be a player of renown, you will have to learn how to dominate the complex economy of Fenix 5.0.

In Fenix 5.0, we have both a player driven economy, as well as server shops that produce the bulk of income for the server.

Player Driven Economy

This particular economy is characterized by chest shops, mythic items, and other resources sold from player to player. Someone is nearly always willing to pay someone for something, or sell something for a price. With mythic mobs, their tools and equipment is always being sold at reasonable prices. With construction materials, there's always a player calling out for extra goods for their city or wondrous constructions. The private shop bonuses also provide an interesting underground trade for even the items that server shops are more then happy to take.

Server Shops

Server shops are infinite selling points for specific items. Player shops always use chests. Admin shops, or server shops, have no need for chests, and use only signs with "Admin Shop" at the top. Server shops are infinite in their demand, and their prices are generally unwavering. Here are the items that can be found in Server Shops, and their selling price.

Name Buy price Price
Stone 3.3 0.66
Grass 15 3
Dirt 5 1
Cobblestone 1.65 0.33
Mossy Cobble 25 5
Obsidian 60 12
Ice 7.5 1.5
Snow 20 4
Endstone 20 4
Gold Ore 400 80
Iron Ore 50 10
Coal Ore 20 4
Lapis Lazuli Ore 500 100
Diamond Ore 1250 250
Redstone Ore 125 25
Emerald Ore 1250 250
Quartz Ore 75 15
Magma Stone 20 4
Brown Mushroom 2.5 0.5
Red Mushroom 2.5 0.5
Cactus 0.6 0.12
Vines 15 3
Nether Wart 5 1
Apple 25 5
Bread 25 5
Carrot 2.5 0.5
Baked Potato 5 1
Cooked Fish 150 30
Cooked Salmon 300 60
Pufferfish 600 120
Clownfish 1200 240
Cocoa Beans 7.5 1.5
Charcoal 2.5 0.5
Chorus Fruit 10 2
Wool 2.5 0.5
Beets 2.5 0.5
Redstone  2.5 0.5
Quartz  7.5 1.5
Coal   4 0.8
Diamond   50 10
Iron Ingot 0.5 0.1
Gold Ingot 1 0.2
Lapis Lazuli 50 10
Emerald   75 15
Ghast Tear 2500 500
Nether Star 375 75
Glowstone 20 4
Book Shelf 50 10

Note, that these prices can be increased through the use of Shop Bonuses up to 500%.

Shop Bonuses

Private Admin Shops can be purchased for each individual item and placed on one's own land for a price of 50 Points for the purchase, and 50 points for each successive upgrade. Each upgrade adds 10% upon the base selling value of the item, up to a total of 500% of the base selling value of the item. This brings it up so that the selling price is the same as the buying price.

To buy a Private Admin Shop, one must contact an Admin directly to purchase and or upgrade it.

Download the Private Admin Shop Excel Sheet!